Science and art: a powerful mix

What happens when you mix art with science? Julia Buntaine, a science-based artist and founder of the SciArt Center in New York, shares her interesting insights on the power of collaboration. For more information, visit:

Burning Man

Isadora Wronski, Regional contact for Burning Man in Sweden, shares her thoughts on the collective culture of Burning Man
and the power of gifting. Step into the magical world of this unique network by listening to Isadora's inspiring talk.


Niklas Laninge, one of the founders of Pyskologifabriken (Psychology Factory), shares how we can enable dialogue and interaction during our brainstorm meetings at work.

For more information about Psykologifabriken, visit:

Camden Collective

Founder Simon Pitkeathley shares how Camden Collective came to life and how you create a successful co-working space.

For more information about Camden Collective, visit:


Caroline Gasia shares how the podcast HRmeetup became an important platform to encourage dialogue between employers, employees and HR professionals in Brussels.

For more information about HRmeetup, visit


Arthur Mamou-Mani, a French architect and director of the award-winning architecture practice Mamou-Mani Architects, explains how architecture can encourage people to interact.

For more information about Mamou-Mani Architects, visit

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Length: 10:30


Araceli Camargo, founder of celebrated THECUBE London, explains how the financial crisis became the starting point for a new kind of working space, and why THECUBE London is referred as a success example on collaboration today.

For more information about THECUBE London, visit

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Length: 15:04

Vetenskap och allmänhet

Lotta Tomasson, Public Engagement & Digital Communication Manager at Vetenskap och Allmänhet, talks about the organisation’s work to improve and facilitate dialogue between the scientists and the public.

For more information about Vetenskap och Allmänhet, visit

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Length: 10:19


Emelie Dahlström, is one of the creative founders of the inspiring Lånegarderoben - a library of clothes. Listen on how this sustainable project brought environmentalists, designers and consumers together.

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Length: 7:57